Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lienna Q - I'll be there for you (法網群英 插曲)

I'll be there for you 〔插曲2〕作曲:Conrad Wong (黄尚伟)
  作词:Conrad Wong & Lienna Q
  编曲:Conrad Wong
  混音:Joe Ngai
  监制:Conrad Wong
  主唱:Lienna Q Verse 1
  Everyday and everynight,
  I wanna hold you close to me,
  And all I ever need is you ,
  You are my life
  I have fallen for you
  Verse 2
  Every hour and everyday,
  I want to be there by your side,
  And loving you is all I ask,
  I send you my love
  My heart and my soul
  ** I’ve found my true love
  I can't stop loving you,
  How can I let you know?
  When our souls apart
  We're feeling each other’s heart
  How to let you know?
  wanna let you know
  you know that it’s true
  my heart is only for you
  Verse 3
  There’s one truth you never know
  I just can’t stand each day without you
  And when the sky is gonna snow
  All I’m gonna do
  Is looking for you
  I’ve found my true love
  I’ll give my whole life to you **
  〔Music Break〕
  Repeat **
  you know that it’s true
  I'll be there for you

Saturday, May 7, 2011


張惠美/詩 石青如/曲

歲月 在你我呼吸間流浪
當終點抵達 那些想望休息了嗎
身心 在日出日落間耗轉
當無常宣判 你的心 回家了嗎

周遭一幕幕演出 不存在的陌生
尋尋覓覓哦 斷線珍珠怎麼接 失落的音符 怎麼唱

如果明天就是下一生 你將如何度過今天
如果明天就是下一生 你將如何度過今天

我用溫暖守護生命 讓浪花留了痕
我用覺照守護健康 讓轉輪點了光